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Master's of Laws

Application & Admission





Professionals with higher education who hold legally valid diplomas can apply for the Master of Laws Program. The initial stage of the registration process is done online. In this step, the candidate obtains a bank slip for the payment of the registration fee. The receipt of this payment must be presented later, upon effective registration.

The candidate selection process of the UCP consists of the following phases:

  • Written exam with open questions
  • Written test in a foreign language
  • Evaluation of the preliminary dissertation
  • Interview

The final result of the selection process will be announced on the UCP website or in the PPGL/UCP secretariat. There will be no disclosure of the result by email, telegram, and/or telephone.

The Selection Process of the Graduate Program in Law constitutes an activity of application of the academic proposal of the master’s course, being a mechanism to adapt the composition of the student body to its objectives and purposes. Higher education professionals, diploma holders in the areas of Applied Social Sciences and the like may apply for the Master’s in Laws Program.

The application is an act of academic administration that includes:

  • Completion of the online resgistration form, in the period provided for in the Notice;
  • The payment of the application fee, through the ticket automatically generated after completing the registration form;
  • Sending the documentation required in the notice, in the period provided for by it.

Foreigners who wish to apply to the selection process of admission to the Master’s in Laws should send an email to ppgd@ucp.br for instructions. 

Isolated Disciplines

The candidate for a NON-REGULAR student may request enrollment in a maximum of 02 (two) non-compulsory subjects of the current semester, provided that this student satisfies the appropriate requirements for admission stipulated in the announcement.

The applicant must submit the following documents:

  • Curriculum Lattes (http://lattes.cnpq.br/);
  • Diploma or undergraduate degree in Law or related field, held at a Higher Education Institution, whose course is recognized by MEC;
  • Undergraduate records;
  • Copy of ID card, CPF, and two recent 3×4 photos.

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